Federation of Cypriot American Organizations

Association of Asgata "Cyprus"

President: Mr. Peter Louca

With over 200 member families, the goal is to keep the Hellenic Cypriot cultures alive and continue the struggle for a free and united Cyprus.

The Asgata Association formed a Ladies Division by Founding President Mrs. Maria Ioannou, who felt that there was a need to establish an organization to concentrate on helping the needy families in Asgata. Mrs. Ioannou started the Women's Division in 1957 and was President for over 20 years. The next President was Mrs. Christina Drousha; Olivia Christou, Despina Ioannou Axiotakis, and Loula Antoniou. Mrs. Despina Axiotakis founded the Asgata Youth Division in 1987 and the Dance Group and began the Asgata Newsletter. The Ladies Division merged with the Asgata Association, and now the Association is one of the most active members of the Cyprus Federation of America.

The Association of Asgata has supported numerous families in Asgata and helped purchase the "Arhontariki" opposite the Church of Apostolos Petros kai Pavlos. They helped in maintaining the church and also adding a new cemetery.
The current President, Mr. Peter Loucas, has spearheaded numerous events and organized the "Back to the Homeland for Pascha" in 1998. He works tirelessly for the Association.

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