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New Jersey Cypriot Association “Salamis”

President: Demetris Zambas

The New Jersey Cypriot Association, Salamis, was founded in the Spring of 1993 by a group of young Greek-Cypriot professionals who were seeking a medium through which they could meaningfully contribute to a just solution to the Cyprus problem and promote Greek-Cypriot culture in the NY/NJ area.

The nickname, Salamis, was chosen not to signify a link with the specific area of Cyprus, as was the case with other Greek-Cypriot associations, but to highlight the Greek Heritage of the Association’s members. The founders believed that, as one of the very first organized Greek settlements in Cyprus, the ancient town of Salamis near Famagusta was not confined to its physical boundaries but rather represented the entire island of Cyprus.

The mission of the Association has been to promote Greek-Cypriot culture and heritage, cultivate social ties among its members, establish relations with Cultural and educational institutions in Cyprus and Greece, establish a Greek-Cypriot Center, and, most importantly, assist and contribute to a just resolution of the Cyprus Problem.

Salamis organized many educational and cultural events during the first few years of its existence, and membership grew fast to more than one hundred families who live in the entire state of New Jersey and the New York City area. The Association hosted events in New Jersey colleges and universities presenting the Cyprus problem, with Cyprus government officials and diplomats as keynote speakers.

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